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What is "Advance Java" ?

Advanced Java Training is the next level of Java programming. The advanced Java course covers all new concepts, as well as classes and objects. This course will help you learn the steps to becoming a Java developer and get a better-paid job. Our Advanced Java training program is designed in such a way that you will learn the concepts with practical and the training will culminate with a project which will integrate all the topics of the practice.

All the features offered in the advanced java training course will improve your programming ability and make you an expert in the field. Advanced Java Programming Training by best IT Training institute in Kanpur provides tremendous learning skills for the beginners. It goes deeper into programming concepts that help you to understand this core and advanced Java concepts. This course is designed for the more skilled Java developer, where you should know the primary Java language.

So if you are widely searching for Advanced Java Training Institute in Kanpur Magix Solution, provides Advanced Java certification course for beginners as well as the programming professionals. Our certification course and training by the expert will help students to increase the programming and development skills with the best support guide.

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Course Structure

  • Servlet: What and Why?
  • Basics of Web
  • Servlet API
  • Servlet Interface
  • GenericServlet
  • HttpServlet
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • Working with Apache Tomcat Server
  • Steps to create a servlet in Tomcat
  • How servlet works?
  • Servlet in Myeclipse
  • Servlet in Eclipse
  • Servlet in Netbeans
  • ServletRequest methods
  • Registration example with DB
  • RequestDispatcher
  • SendRedirect
  • ServletConfig methods
  • ServletConfig example
  • ServletContext methods
  • ServletContext example
  • How to set, get and remove example?
  • Cookies
  • Hidden Form Field
  • URL Rewriting
  • HttpSession
  • Life cycle of JSP
  • JSP in Eclipse and other IDE’s
  • Scriptlet tag
  • Expression tag
  • Declaration tag
  • out
  • request
  • response
  • config
  • application
  • session
  • pageContext
  • page
  • exception
  • Page directive
  • Include directive
  • taglib directive
  • jsp:forward
  • jsp:include
  • Bean class
  • jsp:useBean
  • jsp:setProperty & jsp:getProperty
  • Displaying applet in JSP
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