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What is "C Programming" ?

C is a general-purpose programming language that is machine-independent and structured. It is simple and flexible to write everything from windows and many more complex programs like Oracle, Python, Git as well. Hence, it is called the base of programming. Once you become an expert in C programming, you can easily learn many more complex programming languages using the concepts of ā€œCā€.

Below is the complete course structure/Syllabus of C Programming. Students are suggested to call us for more details of C Programming classes in Kanpur. Our C Programming Kanpur batches are being conducted by highly qualified and IT industry-leading mentors. Aspirants can join our ā€œCā€ Programming classes at an affordable fees.    

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Course Structure

  • C Programming Introduction & History
  • Hello World Program using C
  • Flow of C Program
  • Keywords and Variables in C
  • Data Types in C
  • Constant in C
  • C Print f and Scan f Functions
  • Operator in C
  • Comment in C
  • If Statement in C
  • If Else Statement in C
  • If and Else If Ladder Statement
  • Switch case
  • C Loops and For Loops
  • C Nested for Loop
  • While Loop in C
  • Do While Loop in C
  • Program to Calculate Factorial of a Number
  • Function In C Introduction with Example
  • Example with Parameters
  • Call by Value
  • Call by Reference
  • Recursion in C
  • Array example ( Input and Output in an Array )
  • 2D Array example
  • Pointer to Pointer
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • String in C
  • C Gets and Puts Method
  • C String Function
  • C Math Function
  • Structure in C with Example
  • File Handling Read Data to File
  • C Pre Processor Directive with Example
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