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Course Structure

  • Creating and saving documents
  • Using fonts
  • Resizing rotating and moving documents
  • Creating a report cover
  • Identify tools in the toolbox
  • Common tools to create a half-page flyer for a party invitation
  • Ways to apply color to an object and/or its outline
  • Reflective vs. Direct color
  • RGB and CMYK colors
  • Screen vs. Printed colors
  • Basics of using vector graphics
  • Node editing for graphics and text
  • Multi-page layouts
  • Print Preview dialog, and import and edit clipart
  • Copyright laws
  • Combine vector and bitmap images
  • Creating a standard page (letter/A4) motivational poster
  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT® program
  • Editing a photo
  • Work with templates
  • Editing and Creating own templates
  • Open an existing template file
  • Creating a two-page newsletter
  • How to use text in columns
  • Flow text from column-to-column and page-to-page
  • Wrap text around graphics
  • Difference between newsletters, blogs and other social media in usage and design
  • Work with bitmap and vector effects, layers, lenses and masks
  • Creating a collage of images and text
  • Usage of collage techniques in modern marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Design and automation processes
  • Creating a personal letterhead suite
  • Introduction to the Print Merge/Data Merge
  • Interactive Fill Tool
  • Creating a three-panel brochure
  • Beginning with a template
  • Brochure designs and creating promotional materials
  • Tools for text and graphics creation
  • Use of graphics to influence emotions
  • How to add 3D effects to text and objects
  • Use of Callouts and Connectors for creating charts
  • Ellipse tool to draw pie shapes
  • Table and Paragraph formatting tools
  • Creating a short slideshow that includes charts, graphs, and 3D bitmap effects
  • Finding and evaluating the effectiveness of Slideshow Presentations
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